New review: the Arrival 06.10.2017

Honestly, I did not like this movie.

Although, from the point of view of the technical realization, it is made very qualitatively, its content raises many questions and disagreement. He showed yet again how one-sided the human perception of reality: even alien languages we modeled in the likeness of human languages, being unable to create something completely new. This film will have quite a few chances to impress a linguist, though any understanding of the complexity of knowledge of the unknown language.

Sometimes the action moves so slowly that it’s hard not to fall asleep (Denis Villeneuve will be able to overcome this drawback, achieving the ideal individual pace of the narration in “blade Runner 2049”), the story itself raises many questions, making the characters ‘ actions in certain situations is absolutely illogical.

The acting, in fact, is not too impressive. I think Amy Adams is capable of much more than embody a cornered character (which we already saw in “Big eyes”), but this time it is not much sympathy and sympathy. More or less coped with the role of Jeremy Renner, but his game is hardly enchanting.

Yes, the film is a good idea — humanity needs to unite in the face of potential disasters, but perhaps this is the only interesting idea in the film, claiming the title of “clever fiction”.

4 out of 10

New review: the Arrival 06.10.2017

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