New review: the Arrival 09.10.2017

It is an intelligent movie aimed at a mass audience, and filmed in the genre of fiction. Of course, the film leaves a good impression and it can be put on a par with interstellar and Gravity (which is not only lazy said), but write it in favorites there is no desire. It may be that just my calloused brain doesn’t understand how huge that is? Maybe the picture just overestimated (with Oscar it’s business as usual)?

Most of the film is extremely good. The viewer does not demonstrate hackneyed footage of fleeing and fleeing in the panic of the people, on the contrary, all sizes, seasoned and even smoothly. However, the sense of impending disaster is passed perfectly through music, acting and empty and cold, but the atmospheric shots.

Further still interesting. After the first successful “contact” the heroes, the real work begins, there are more mysteries, which I want to speculate after watching, and there is the realization that as understanding an alien language time ceases to flow for the heroine linearly. And we sit in awe and look forward to.

Insert a remark. The movie has two of the most simple and cheap technique — bare Breasts and narration. They are used in two cases: when it is necessary to cause at least some reaction from the viewer, and when the authors do not know how to promote a story. Sometimes the topics and the style of the movie, their presence is justified. But the author’s use of text in Arrival was not a happy exception.

Would be okay with that, but closer to the finale Villeneuve apparently tired to withstand the measured pace of the film and quickly decided this “my life Story” to end. And then it all came down to the fact that Amy Adams is one against all (good Jeremy Renner his shoulder sticks) and it is destined to prevent the universal collapse. And immediately nice and proper ending of the film was predictable and cloyingly sentimental.

Technical nominations Arrival worthy. And even a nomination for best adapted screenplay because Ted Chan believe netransliruemymi author. But it clearly for me the best film and not best Director.

6.5 out of 10

New review: the Arrival 09.10.2017

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