New review: the Awakening 04.10.2017

This tape female Director penny Marshall ranks high in various cinematic tops, has a high rating and a large amount of positive feedback and reviews from both ordinary viewers and professional critics. In Russia the picture is not too well known, despite the presence of Hollywood stars of the first magnitude. Movies about medical institution came a great many, but only a small number of paintings acquired cult status and earned universal recognition. This picture is definitely one of them.

The film is based on real events that occurred in 1969-1970-ies of the last century by the American neurologist and popularizer of the medicine by Oliver Sachs. He went to work in the hospital and became physician to a number of patients surviving during the epidemic of lethargic encephalitis 1917-1928 years, and decades in a state of catatonic syndrome. They are unable to speak and move while maintaining your sanity. There is no cure, but experienced and restless doctor finds an experimental drug, giving an unexpected result. This is such an amazing story became the basis for this film. In his stories Oliver sacks relies on his medical details, but on the life and experiences of the patients themselves. This approach allows you to attract a much larger audience.

Before us is a very touching and sentimental drama. The picture plunges us into the world of hospital corridors and shows the life and everyday environment of the patients and hospital staff. We observe the man, positioning himself not so much a doctor, how compassionate citizen, which is driven by one sole purpose, to help. Looking at the friendship between the main character Dr. Malcolm Sayer and his first patient Leonard Lowe, difficult to contain emotions that are hitting the key while viewing.

Not to mention the huge impact of the cult film “one Flew over the cuckoo’s nest” Milos Forman on this picture. References and overtures visible to the naked eye. However, this is not a blind imitation of, and homage to the more famous work and is done very efficiently. The Director and writers managed to brilliantly capture the atmosphere of the events and achieve great empathy from the audience.

Robin Williams went from the usual role as a comedian and played a dramatic role. He came very responsible for imaging and managed brilliantly to show the character and emotions of his screen character. Robert De Niro is as always a method actor and this allowed him to once again demonstrate his outstanding acting talent and to dissolve completely in the generated image. Second good game marked John heard, Max Von Sydow and Penelope Ann Miller. We have before us the drama of high level.

Awakening is touching, sentimental, vital and very tragic drama. This is an amazing and very interesting, and most importantly the real story, which makes a strong impression and gives much food for thought. Fascinating story, great actors but meaningful message, make the picture a worthy candidate for your viewing. Definitely recommend.

8 out of 10

New review: the Awakening 04.10.2017

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