New review: the Babadook 30.07.2017

Seeing the amount of reviews on IMDb, I’m very surprised, because lately, to be honest, horror movies don’t make us happy with their quality. Reviews from many respected publications States that the film is almost the best in his year. In the end, I personally got a slow, tedious netfilm horror, which can only frighten the mother’s relation to her child.

As I said, the film is incredibly tedious. At least the first forty minutes can be safely deleted from the script. Yes, I understand the logic why it shows what subsequently took place. But, my friends, it’s a horror movie, not a family drama! If this film has positioned itself as a melodrama with elements of mysticism — there were no issues at all. But a horror movie! Soon any film where there is at least one “Boo” will be called a horror movie.

This work is not able to scare. After watching I had only one emotion — pity in this family. Surprisingly, in the horror movie the soul gets exactly what was shown 2 minutes in the beginning. So is it supposed to be?

The main character does not cause any emotions but disgust. Imbued with pity for herself, she never thinks of anyone but himself. Even his little son, who has clearly developed some psychological trauma, which she of course did not think to do anything.

As a plus, I note the main character who played the son of the mother hysterical. Very cute, sweet kid, and as an aspiring actor it is even not bad.

In the end, I got totally not what I expected. No scary moments, no explanation why and how, nothing. Just two hours of whining and tears. Who is so horror movies do?

4 out of 10

New review: the Babadook 30.07.2017

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