New review: the Banshee 30.07.2016

Banshee is a dynamic, intense, dramatic Thriller. In one small provincial town to meet neo-Nazis, bikers, the mafia, the thief-the Sheriff of religious fanatics. In Banshee kill, sell drugs, Rob.

The main disadvantages of the series:

1) often stupid and unrealistic moments. For example, the police took W a civilian and all together went to kill mafia. Even the main theme of the show — the thief after 15 years of jail was the Sheriff — not realistic. Fights that the series is saturated — this is a separate issue. They are very well supplied. But instead of kicking the kidneys, neck, lungs, liver opponents most frequently hit each other in the face. Like, instead of fighting the game “who endure more blows to the head.” One of the main characters — hacker-transvestite gob — presented to the audience as “the God of this world”. But his abilities are greatly exaggerated.

2) too much sex and violence. Sex + violence is a universal formula to attract viewers. But here too many of them.

3) fourth season. I strongly advise you not to watch it, not to spoil the impression of the whole series. Just imagine what the third season ended up as something different.

In General, if you like the mix of drama and action, definitely watch this series.

7 out of 10

New review: the Banshee 30.07.2016

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