New review: the Bearded man 06.10.2017

More recently, from the lips of our youth and the youth of post-Soviet countries you can often hear a bizarre nickname — “the Bearded man”. That is the name is the eponymous hero of the series and some episodes of the fifth season of “Our Rashy”.

The owner of this surname wearily and looked plaintively at us from the posters and advertising posters on the Internet. The series has many hits, it is very popular among Teens, although the average ratings; is the product of “Comedy Club Production”. I will not hide that the main role of the showman and humorist Mikhail Galustyan, known for its original appearance, brilliant facial expressions, booming voice and captivating charm.

My review is more for those who are familiar with the series, but for those who haven’t seen it, I will say that the main character is a man who constantly finds himself in an eerie, grotesque and amazing to idiotic situations. Thanks to them, he gets to the police station, where he shares details of their adventures, where she’s constantly beaten by local officers for his intransigence.

He is constantly committing different kinds of offences, often of a criminal nature:

– property damage, losses from which amount to large sums;

– stealing things, animals or people;

– using items for other purposes, often in unnatural and perverted sexual areas;

– violation of the order in public places and institutions;

– does insulting other people.

The vast majority of this list are made during the performance of his duties and in a drunken state — “a crate of vodka.” often turns out to be his friend.

He unceremoniously interfere in the lives of others.

He constantly asks for help of his friends, who are partakers of his adventures themselves are not far behind him. This often leads to light and heavy injuries it and all the random people that are close to what is happening.

Many life changes for the worse after meeting with BorsodChem.

All of this is a result of his dishonesty, and by manifestation of some boundless imagination; all incidents original and unpredictable.

His speech, distorted a fair dose of alcohol, replete with splashes of funny and vanity of revolutions, for example, when it rained, the Bearded man said it this way: “We are sad and sadness is our shared heaven”; he always come “brilliant ideas”, he sometimes indulges in sadness, expresses his considerations about the structure of the police, swears than that.

Being a lover of free sex, Bearded man in his actions is motivated by the arguments of “love”: “all for love” “love works wonders,” “God forbid you to love as much as I do.” He has the “love of his life”, but who is she, I keep silence.

Constantly trying to pass for a fool, although it is not. Blatantly trying to avoid punishment and has the courage to seek pardon.

A positive aspect in this series are donated to the emotions of the audience; entertainment, a distraction from everyday life and laugh with all the image of a Bearded man.

But laughter, of course, prolongs the life of a man, and is a plus, but there are also negative aspects of the series, namely:

1) to Discredit law enforcement

Given the apparent criminal and the criminal the shade of his behavior, it never fails to put behind bars. He always goes unscathed, for various reasons: either there is no evidence, or enjoys the indulgence of the police, or the victims do not make complaints to him, or otherwise — but in the end, every time he is on the loose.

The police in separate incidents are shown, those which exceed their authority.

2) Stream of violence, vulgarity and rudeness

Each episode is filled with beatings, profanity, violations of law and order, drinking alcohol, stupid behavior. This may not cultivate in the minds of viewers elevated thoughts, not to mention the impact on children and adolescents. And then we wonder why we have kids grow up wilful and disobedient, why beatings happen in broad daylight, why can’t you get rid of corruption? That’s because such a flow of information constantly pours from TV screens, the media and the Internet.

3) Justification for immoral behavior

The whole image of Alexander Rodionovich (that’s the name of our hero), on the contrast of “callous and inhuman” attitude of others, trying to arouse in the hearts of all viewers warm feelings for him — compassion, pity, empathy, sympathy and love that he turns with success; although, in fact, he is a thief, a robber, a liar, a brawler, an alcoholic and a sexual pervert.

This is the enormity of the plot of this series is its humorous and emotional fullness dissolve in the audience deserved and condemning the attitude of the negative character, and with it, lowers us in the bar of sensitivity and permissible to the indicated actions.

This series is just a drop in the sea of similar content and he’s one of the weather will do, but in General all such products undermines us as a people and as a nation — certainly not overnight, but gradually extended in time and to see the fruits of this, you need not go far.

New review: the Bearded man 06.10.2017

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