New review: the Beginning 18.06.2017

I know nothing about all these “techniques of implementation”, but I think that no special knowledge is required to understand: three quarters of all dreaming of those “chips” described by the authors of the film, in reality have no relationship. From the consciousness of a sleeping person can extract his secret thoughts and plans — are willing to believe. The person who is sleeping, you can, however, some idea to impress — why not. But when in dreams ignite serious battles, lining up dolls “dreams in dreams in dreams in dreams in dreams” — I can only perceive what is happening as a story. And without constraint pelted me with rotten tomatoes if I’m wrong.

Of course, kinoskazka has a right to exist. “Star wars” — quite a normal movie, and even good. The fact is that the epic “Star wars” and touted it as a fairy tale, begins with the caption “a long time ago in a galaxy far away”, and George Lucas, if someone does not know, a press conference dedicated to the film, began with the words “Lord, I know that sound can’t travel in space”. That is Lucas with us honest. He frankly admits: guys, all you will see, not entirely seriously. Just watch and have fun. But such is not Christopher Nolan. “The beginning” all the way endeavor to portray itself as serious science fiction, Leonardo DiCaprio with dark, brooding face pumps up the action quite inappropriate pathos. Well, imagine the Spielberg t-Rex sits on a stump and crying from the fact that he has short legs and he doesn’t know how to brush your teeth (was a cartoon crocodile). And it take and to give for the philosophical science fiction. Well, I against it.

Prefer an honest movie. Not to mention the fact that beautiful pictures in an hour ceased to entertain, and the second half of the film, I openly yawned.

5,5 out of 10

New review: the Beginning 18.06.2017

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