New review: the best movie 30.07.2016

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The best movie

And if I decided to write in 2016 a review of the film “the best film”, the campaign I still didn’t. Movie starts with a bare (sorry) ass Garik Kharlamov, who after a couple of seconds were gonna get high and pass out right at his own wedding. Then he gets, like, to heaven, where he meets Dzhigarkhanyan (!) in all white. Together they will remember the worthless life of the protagonist. And so begins one of the worst movies of the 21st century. And so begins one of the most unfunny movies in Russian cinema, and I still don’t understand why Dzhigarkhanyan…

Next year this film will knock for ten years. Many have long forgotten this fact can not but rejoice), and I just wanted to think a little bit. If, at the time of movie release I spit saliva, like all of you, now can talk about it quietly, but still subjective. It is one hundred percent an iconic film that looked like a prediction that the future of the Russian Comedy no. The years have passed. And what do we see now? Well, true after prediction. Russian Comedy has drowned in a huge pile of rubbish that piled the guys from Comedy club. And the film Cyril’s Cousin was one of the first bells. They now even own the Studio appeared. I don’t remember the name, but it is not important, but the important thing here is that Russian Comedy is dead without the law for a resurrection.

“The best film” — it certainly is not a film, but a set of unfunny scenes, which is trying to play Garik Kharlamov. Kharlamov was called Russian Jim Carrey. If we do not call, then just call. He has talent, but he was born in Russia, so in the film he did not Shine. Jim Carrey also played American shows (like Comedy), and then made its way into the movie and it was a success. Kharlamov went to conquer the film industry, but soon returned to the Gum shield. In the film there is a funny scene when he’s watching the TV series “Santa Barbara” in the web. I really liked the sketch, but for a film Garik is not enough. Some solid affectation with unfunny vulgarity. And as a bonus battle for the phallus between Gary and Paul Will, who for some reason plays here bald Dima Bilan. Why? Do they think that this is funny? No, actually the campaign is not thought…

This is the main problem of our film industry. We make movies, because I don’t think. And the funny thing is that this movie was really looking forward to. I worked in theaters, so I remember well all the buzz is about. Every second person asked this film. Again, the first film Mikhail Galustyan. Everyone loved Mike in the WHC, so people wanted to believe that the movie will be good. And that was after its release? The film has collected a huge Desk, but it was the insults all and Sundry. And even the creators have apologized for this mess. You can talk about bad actors and a mediocre script with a Director, but it’s too obvious. And if you dig deeper, it’s primarily a parody. Do not forget about this moment.

Understand cool parody needs to mimic something good and recognizable, but in a humorous way (the simple truth). What movies are parodies of this film? Yes he did not parodies. If you wear a black blazer and drive the coolest cars, it is still not a parody of the TV series “Brigada”. The movie “Hot shots 2” parodied Sly with his masterpiece “Rambo” and it was brilliant. But because the movie “Rambo” was awesome. But when I give a bad parody of the movie “Night watch”, which I tried to forget for a very long time, it only aggravates the situation. Russia boys, Russia. We have to start something to parody, you first need to shoot something good. In the sequel, they will parody the movie “Heat”. No comment!

“Best film” — is really the best when it comes to boredom. Maybe in Comedy, many scenes could have fun, but the film has definitely not. With great tension…

2 out of 10

New review: the best movie 30.07.2016

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