New review: the blind side 14.06.2017

Sometimes in real life there are so amazing stories, believe in them is extremely difficult. They are like stories that we read in childhood. In the real world is not so beautiful and happy, but sometimes fate makes people incredible gifts. Hard to say what would have happened in the life of a famous American football player Michael Oera if at the time, he was not taken in by a family of kind and caring people. The fate of this man is so amazing and unusual that its transfer to the screen was a matter of time.

The plot is based on the book by American journalist Michael Lewis. And tells us about a homeless, illiterate black teenager Michael Oera. He lived on the street and there was no need. Until he met a wealthy white family. Which sheltered guy and given what he so badly lacked, namely, love and care. They believed in him and helped to finish school, go to College and become a professional athlete.

Director John Lee Hancock took a very touching and emotional movie with deep morals. The painting teaches us to be kind and to show compassion to those who need help. And it’s very exciting and interesting, so the two hours fly by absolutely imperceptibly.

Much depended on the actors and they to her credit coped with the task. Sandra bullock played one of the best roles in his career. She did a great job and presented the image of an ideal mother who will do anything for their child. Even if he is not her family. It’s not important? Perfectly capturing the full range of emotions and feelings experienced by her character. Well-deserved Oscar for best actress. Bravo.

Quinton Aaron plays the role of the Michael Oera. He lacks acting experience, that would display all the experiences of his hero. But he tries and looks very confident, and he makes a positive impression. Feeling sincere feelings for his fate does not let go throughout the film. Also pleased with the young Jay’s head in the role of little brother, giving a Mature and brilliant performance. And to some extent responsible for the humor in the film.

The blind side is a heartfelt, touching, kind and encouraging film for family viewing. Unique combination of life and sports drama. Amazing, based on true events story that carries a deep thought and leaves only positive emotions.

8 out of 10

New review: the blind side 14.06.2017

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