New review: the blind side 24.06.2017

Real kindness. If she has motives and reasons, or it exists by itself, like some kind of light energy? Here is a man, for example, involved in charity work. He was kind, or in the end, he gets something? Perhaps satisfaction, the awareness of being a good person is an objective reward for your kindness. In this case, all the people who aspire to it, must immediately take the money to a charitable organization or volunteer work. The only reason this is not happening.

Maybe this person just cannot help it. It will torment the conscience that has not helped. What is not a reason. Own peace of mind. On the other hand, people who help others every day by assigning meaning units.

Here’s the real story. An orphan from a dysfunctional family, whole life wandering in and out of shelters. However, he miraculously is not hardened, do not fall under bad influence. Perhaps that is why fate gives him a chance meeting with a wealthy family associated with the sport. The guy is a good addition and the ability to Rugby. Gradually, he becomes a member of the family. Care, help make a career, support in school.

I think this is a real kindness. Failure to pass useless child. And the hero of the film “the blind side” according to age and perception of life another perfect child, despite his size. It is not so simple. For superplayer fight many universities. A family TUI is accused of pressure on the guy to take the offer of a particular institution.

So this is kindness or work? Watch the movie, he will tell you about the nature of love and kindness. In the meantime, just answer the question. You would be able to love as her own son big teenager from a dysfunctional family, but who can not really take care of myself?

8 out of 10

New review: the blind side 24.06.2017

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