New review: the Book of life 21.06.2017

Striking Mexican movie with a simple plot, which is exactly like children, but adults will find it thought-provoking.

Two boys argue over the attention of a beautiful girl. Years later, one of them will become a singer, the other a warrior. Which of the two is dearer to a girl’s heart and better for your hometown? The answer will only appear at the end and is not straightforward.

The story is inspired by one of the major Mexican holidays — the Day of the dead, so the action begins in a cemetery, then transferred immediately into the two kingdoms of the dead, the remembered and the forgotten. It would seem too bleak for kids, but this is Mexico, and it is producer Guillermo del Toro!

An endless carnival, scary, but always attractive, captivates from the first minute. Wit comes through in the jokes, and inventive animations, and in the selection of songs half-forgotten songs sound brand new and original song are they become.

In the course of action you begin to understand why Mexicans celebrate day of the dead and take to the streets, dressed the dead and adorning himself with skeletons. Scary holiday — an extra reason for joy, this is an opportunity to remember loved ones, who are no longer around, and feel the cycle of life in which death is just one of the stages.

New review: the Book of life 21.06.2017

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