New review: the Bourne supremacy 27.06.2017

In short, the series of films about Jason Bourne has always been full of secrets. And when in the third film Bourne revealed all the secret works of the CIA in the public, the Directors tried to continue the story, looking at it from a different angle. Thus happened the next film [the Bourne supremacy].

In brief, the story tells us about another software agent Aaron Cross [Jeremy Renner]. While Aaron is training in Alaska, the world is a scandal exposing the secret programs of the CIA. After this decision, all traces by destroying all programs and operatives. And here the fun begins, because as the slogan: “the game is always more shapes“.

Total speaking, this film is not bad and I kind of liked it, but osadochek discontent still remained. Honestly, when I got this film, I was very happy about that, as I am a big fan of the story of Jason Bourne. But as it later turned out, the film was a spin-off. The storyline of the movie initially, even catchy, but more and more boring. The only thing that dilutes the whole situation, this action, which is a very interesting and exciting, but in comparison with movies about Bourne, takes a step back. The film even does not save very impressionable cast as characters that actors play, can not be called interesting. Overall, in my opinion, this film as a separate entity would be more exciting if his name is not attributed to Bourne. Jeremy Renner might be a good one to replace Matt Damon, if not sometimes crazy story. His hero, despite all his skills, not felt as strong a character. In General this film I will not recommend, but I can safely say that once it is possible to look. Enjoy.

7 out of 10

New review: the Bourne supremacy 27.06.2017

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