New review: the Bourne Supremacy 28.07.2017

The Bourne trilogy is my favorite movies, despite the fact that I like to watch art-housee movie. I watched it already several times with a Russian voice acting. And then another, and revised in English. Of all the films about agents from all action, of all detectives, these three films are the most focused, and smart.

It is clear that the first film was a test. Filmed bestseller, as it will — responsibility. Took on the main role of the rising star of Matt Damon. So the first film is more simple, but also the most realistic. The following films have already been more dynamic, but the plot, all sorts of schools, who for the action and not visible.

The second movie was already out on the glory of the first. But joy was not a failure, as is often the case. Because continue is almost always worse than the first film.

For those who will search and view in English: because the film is smart, the language is rather complicated, if you have an average English level, you will be quite difficult in some places, especially when they say something technical or about politics. But I suggest also in another language to look!

New review: the Bourne Supremacy 28.07.2017

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