New review: the Brink of obsession 13.06.2017

She’s a psychiatrist in a prison for the criminally insane. It’s not the right job for bold and beautiful women, it would be a family psychologist to be, than every day to listen to the reasons countless vile deeds and try to guide everyone to the right path. But patients just adore her, to them she is the only good creation of all the people they know, they start to love it and sometimes cross the line. She tries not to pay attention to it, keeps a distance, and after a hard day’s work returns home, where waiting for her two charming daughters, whom she loves more than life itself. Almost idyllic in some degree, unless you count the frequent night calls to work. And then one day it all collapses — ex-husband suddenly smitten with love for her children. How to survive it? Is it possible to turn from the real mother to come and hear how someone else’s lady your kids call mom? Necessarily wish to those who takes away from your children, death.

What distraught with grief and love ready to go? Able to commit the crime, cruel and inhuman? Or is it someone else very cleverly is trying to frame you? But how could he know what is not known to anyone else? Or known? All too confusing, all too unclear. The clues clearly point to one person — could it be someone else? Or the other acted on the orders of the first? But why? What’s the point? Is there a solution to this puzzle? Or the riddle is much easier than it seems and all just led by the nose? May be secrets hidden in the deep past and which is in the nightmares manifest themselves now, when they are given the push? Or maybe this is all just a distraction used to confuse and to give all the answers under the veil? The answers that will dot the E, but somehow it does not bring relief — and the audience, and the characters.

Dr. Lyle, performed by Gina Gershon, is trying to understand the situation, but the opponent is ahead by a step. Who is he — she starts to suspect from the beginning, but this is not certain. He is cunning, he cleverly withdraws from himself all suspicion. So maybe it isn’t he? Any evidence against him, no clue, only suspicions. Maybe she fulfilled her spontaneous desire? And that is quite possible — swallowed pills washed down this alcohol, and then pretended that he remembered nothing. The answer is — who is responsible — trying to find the police, but it’s hard when the Prime suspect becomes the man you love. What will prevail — duty or feelings? Whether he is ready to send on the death penalty that he loves, if the court finds her guilty or will fight to the very end, trying to find a way to justify, to cling to the slightest chance? Detective Kabachek — another police officer from Michael Bien — makes his choice. Yes, he is willing to help, he is willing to believe, he is even willing to risk them — but if it turns out that he was led by the nose — the duty can be overpowering everything else, even if it will cause unbearable pain.

Not particularly well-known detective Thriller. Yes, the story had a very interesting and exactly what I suspect everyone is supposed to suspect intrigue, though not complacent, but it is able to keep the screen on. Except that the presentation is somewhat disappoint — those who on movies of this type already ate a dog, will know in advance the answer to all the questions and plot twists can not deceive. Although to see the movie still does not hurt under appropriate mindset

7 out of 10

New review: the Brink of obsession 13.06.2017

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