New review: the Brothers from Grimsby 31.07.2016

The Film Is Sacha Baron Cohen. That says it all.

Of course this film is not for everyone. He intends made so absurd. Many did not like the scene with the “sucking” and elephants. For this, and I love those movies! Sasha is probably the only person in the cinema who isn’t afraid on the big screen to put egg on his face. Who is not afraid in his film AIDS trump. Which uses black humor to the fullest. Because black humor is not just jokes about death. It jokes about the disabled, the terminally ill, political correctness, racism and so on.

The actors all played at the top ten. Most of the jokes successful. The film looks calm and easy, no retching does not cause, unless you’re a sissy.

If you liked his previous films Borat, the Dictator is also like this.

Expect our favorite Sacha Baron Cohen otsudit next time.

7 out of 10

New review: the Brothers from Grimsby 31.07.2016

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