New review: the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari 04.10.2017

The horror film “the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”, which includes elements of a Thriller, detective and mystery, today marks more than 97 years, that is only 3 years and it will celebrate its centenary anniversary. “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” a long time ago has become an accepted classic, marked the beginning of the era of German expressionism, largely influenced the development of world cinema. “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” has become a kind of benchmark for many future filmmakers, including Tim Burton had to admit it. “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” announced that in the world of cinema there are new trends and celebrities such as Fritz lang and Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau gave them a new impetus. And who knows what kind of turn went to the cinema, if not the coming to power of the Nazis…

By the way, Fritz lang, known until now for its production of “metropolis”, had become the chief producer of “the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”, but he was busy in another project, although his talented hand he has made, giving an unusual course of the plot by which the viewer still (!) unlikely to predict what will end picture of what it will be the finale, and it will, believe me, it’s not that unusual even it will be completely unexpected and even shocking. That’s why even “the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” must be regarded as imperishable classics of cinema. Let this dumb black-and-white film, but he looks so alive, so frightening, so fascinating, to look up for the demonstrate it is impossible, then every detail is important, every nuance, every caption, to visualize a whole picture is created in “the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”. By the way, who replaced Fritz lang in the Director’s post of Robert wiene, at the time settled in Paris, where he tried together with the Jean Cocteau recreate “the Office”, but in audio mode, but they failed. Maybe fortunately, let “the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” remains one and unique.

Retell the story, even in brief terms, it makes no sense, because better future viewer to familiarize yourself with all the twists and turns that happens in the film. And there is almost every scene has its value to the plot, i.e., no “sagging” of the episodes, each of them has its own meaning and clearly fits into the framework of what is happening. Fantasy writers “the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” had led them so far that even modern thrillers in some and inferior to it. Only, perhaps, the great and terrible Alfred Hitchcock can compete with the dashing and surprisingly complex plot. And that there are some elements of mysticism in the film, I believe in the credibility of what is happening, as if everything that was invented in “the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” is not fiction, but a real reality. Agree that it is very difficult to create such a movie, but Robert the Fault of the companions did it, that’s why the movie again can be called a true classic of cinema and a model of the genre.

Can besides as much as necessary to talk about acting. Let me remind you that “the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” is a silent film so all the characters can convey the full expression of the painting through their emotions. And they cope with this simply brilliant! Amazing Lil Dagover, who played the main female role, which literally chills running through my body when I see her wandering, alienated, bottomless eyes. To get rid of memories of him is not so easy because it’s like you fall in love with her character, considering her mysterious and incomprehensible. Scares one only with the appearance of Werner Krauss, who embodied Dr. Caligari. For some time the name has even become a household name they used to frighten naughty children. And also pay tribute to the outstanding talent of Krauss in a manner of reincarnation, that he perfectly demonstrate in “the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”. Vivid and memorable images from Conrad Veidt and Friedrich Feher. By the way, Feydt and Krauss were members of the troupe another classic and theater of max Reinhardt, the pupils of which were also already mentioned Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau and the great Marlene Dietrich.

“The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” is really old and very expensive the value of world cinema. The influence of this painting on the art of cinema can not be underestimated, so less words, “Study…”.

10 out of 10

New review: the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari 04.10.2017

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