New review: the Cave gate 27.06.2017

Video games have long captivated the world. Once it was a simple adventure games like Mario, now a high-tech virtual reality that the quality of graphics is not much different from the living world. They are on almost every personal computer. For some it’s simply a great time and at any time you can click save and return another time. For some it’s a chance for a while to feel like a superhero, single-handedly bringing the crowd of monsters, and in the case of difficulties you can always console commands to use it. But for someone virtual reality can replace real, they spend in front of a monitor for hours, they forget about food and sleep. What would happen if these last will become everything? The world will die and the next generation will not be.

Why is the world in the film was such that caused a global catastrophe in which the planet has become a lifeless desert, and the remnants of mankind are forced to exist in mushroom-shaped cities, we will never know. As well as know why everything was hooked on games that don’t just create a real impression — they are able to move the user back in the digital flesh. In case of failure, you can always start over, but you do not want to identify with the man on the screen, because everything around is so real that it seems real, you can touch everything. Nobody cares what resources are left, that people spend more time there on the other side. No one is fighting for survival in the real world — only where there are monsters, and you yourself are a hero. But what if the game becomes real and you saw the splash screen “Game over”, will not start an old save, and will die there for real?

The story resembles a detective story. Who killed the programmer Diana? What is this mysterious device similar to a remote control? How it is related to the latest innovation in the gaming industry? To these and other questions trying to find answers protagonist Carver. Gradually the answers are, but raise other questions, new problems arise. Reality and virtuality mix. Where the truth and a lie? Who is angel and who is Death? Whether that someone is or is everything really what it seems? Or don’t you think? Or a real life out there on the other side, and here only extinction? Where there is a life after death, or where death after life?

The plot might seem quite exciting puzzles, kiberpankovye postapocalyptic, mixing the two realities, if… if the money was from the creators of bigger, better composition, and the Director is talented. Cheapness is not just catches the eye — it hurt, even at the time of the special effects seemed outdated, entourage labored very much, and the design of the monsters was more like a party on Halloween. The action itself seems incredibly slow though, if you think that cut of the movie is simply nothing, but why the impression that polutorochasovoj duration stretched a half times? Maybe due to the fact that, apparently, the actors on the street for the announcement were selected from the entire composition pleases only Michael Pair, and it is noticeable that he plays here like he does not understand, how it got here. If it is such a problem, how are the rest of you can assume the characters are constantly blunt, depicting them either nudography, or replay all, and resembles a home video.

But in spite of all the disadvantages, despite the fact that the film seems too long and captures the viewer — something it is still there. Something elusive, that makes you watch it from the beginning to the end. The desire to put forward your humble author has not arisen never. Yes, he can not boast of any striking action, nor the quality of performance — in fact of all the advantages he had only a very interesting story, Yes the aforementioned Pair, but as low-budget sci-Fi with philosophical questions, he looks not so bad, you can even put

6 out of 10

New review: the Cave gate 27.06.2017

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