New review: the Choice 22.10.2017

Overall — cute, good movie.

The plot is entertaining, the characters cute, the heads. the heroine is unexpected and even extravagant. The main comedic line pulls on itself, of course, she (Alexandra Lamy).

The film is not that too funny, it is rather comical. Sometimes even sad.

The ending and main idea recalled “the Runaway bride” with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts: the biggest problem chapters. the heroine turned out to be not so much the inability to make a choice, how much the fear to be yourself.

However, the film here is very optimistic — even in 40 years still not too late to start living for real, that is, to do what I want, what he dreamed, what he is inclined, and not what you expect from others, including parents. Without this just will not be happy.

Propeller (although for the genre of Comedy it is expected) that by the end of the movie most of the characters will come to this happiness, including personal. And happiness will be in the end, as if already secondary: the problem is not to find second half and to find himself. But the choice between the two men the heroine did.

The film is a lot of hackneyed clichés (for example, a wealthy banker and an aristocrat as a groom), but they are not annoying. Actors little known, but all are wonderful, all in their own good in their roles.

In General, I recommend — perhaps not a film which will want to reconsider, but to watch one night this light, bright and uncomplicated Comedy — at the time.

8 out of 10

New review: the Choice 22.10.2017

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