New review: the Collapse 25.06.2017

What are the components should be reusable a good movie? At first glance there think long not necessary — interesting plot, good directing, cameraman without Parkinson’s disease, memorable characters, played by good actors and a complete lack of boredom. Such films are shot and continue to shoot in the big set, every week of the premiere. And if you think? Start to think and realize that what is now happening in the film under the category of good mnogorazovogo gets not always — the stories clichéd, operators as the selection is not healthy, the characters fly from memory immediately, as the screen goes, I believe the entire movie with one expression to pass. Throw in bloated due to unnecessary scenes, the timing, sometimes completely unnecessary slow mo, tons of pompous nonsense or just nonsense that passes for humor, or compensate for its absence — and what will be the result? That’s right — polarity a movie, which you can watch with one eye open and immediately erase from my memory. Such cinemas rolled, but still provide a Pro-active advertising. Yes, no ads anywhere — not going to PR, so no one in the movie and not go.

But before, when the grass was greener and the sky bluer, and the six thousand dollar cost — not to fall, it is up to the denomination was somehow just fine without any advertising, because of her responsibilities were doing fine on the recommendation of friends, and even the cat in the bag could take and receive from him the untold pleasure. So, not to torture the animal, quickly removed the cats from the bags, don’t take everything so literally! Transmitted and copied each other’s tapes in neat rows growing on our shelves, and not just for the beauty — everyone can remember to what the state was jaded film with the most favorite and the sound track so etched in memory that is already forward translator’s phrase was uttered. And it was interesting for the hundredth time to reconsider the same. Why? The question seems rhetorical, but the answer there — they were reusable, because they contain the same components, though the tastes in genres are different, so your humble author will not further torment you, and will go to one of his favorite genres. A Guinea today is the Collapse — not the best, of course, a well-known movie, but very suitable.

Interesting story. Genre, of course, requires that he was not elaborate, contained a mandatory stamps, otherwise it will have something of another story. Police officer, operating without a cover, is embedded in the cartel to disrupt their banking operations, to lead them to destruction or arrest — then how the rest. Unfortunately from the very beginning it is absolutely not planned scenario — the access codes are encrypted, drug traffickers begin mezhdusoboynyh disassembly to get the code, its very open, and there is another very suspicious character suddenly decided that without his help she did not come. Okay, be honest — indeed she would have failed without him in the first scene. By combining efforts eventually, a COP and a crook start the game. So, you say cliche? But it’s fun, the plot does not get bored even once, always something going on, the characters shoot, car chase, explosions rock the ground and it doesn’t matter that in the beginning it is clear that will be in the final — it’s not a Thriller, as the spectacle turned out well.

Characters. The classic Duo of heroes must be of imperturbable character and his partner with a comic tinge. Yes, a bit unusual to see that the role of the hero tries on a fragile girl, but it turned out she is more than good. Of course, the Leilani Sarell not be attributed to the stars of the first magnitude, and reward her in this film do not qualify, but who cares? To fight the girl to watch is always nice, so here again the pleased spectators of both sexes — hands-feet it is, of course, enemies packs not couches, but also to jump off the roof and into the sewer climb without wincing, but still not forget from time to time your partner to try to educate. As a partner she has one cat, your humble author was from the hero Michael Bien catch. Cheerful, never losing heart, seemingly even near, but this impression is deceptive. With the head, as it turned out, he was sometimes a friend much better than his partner, he had a plan for any occasion and even from a desperate situation found at least two exits, not forgetting to fend off all attempts of education. Opponents have also not disappoint — one of the other beautiful, while not showing an example of the infinite stupidity that is sometimes used by lazy writers — just very smart. Particularly stood out in their colorful company Vladimir Kulich — a combination of the role of unscrupulous murderers with his appearance gave an excellent result.

Now imagine that absolutely all the characters are in a comic subtext — although it may be Sergei Squealer so tried, but from the face of your humble author never went smile. Add to this entertaining action game in old school style. Sprinkle with love for the genre. Season with nostalgia. Mix. And have one and a half hours of delicious fun — believe me, you won’t be bored. And then it will be repeated several times under the mood

10 out of 10

New review: the Collapse 25.06.2017

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