New review: the Crimea 01.10.2017

The plot of the film “Crimea” — the story of lovers Alexander and Alena, which originates during the excavations of the ancient city on the island of Crimea, and reaches its climax during the infamous and historically important events in the Peninsula and in the center of Kiev, 2014.

Love or homeland, private or public, feelings or ambitions? It was to this choice put their heroes Alexey Pimanov, Russian TV presenter and Director of “Crimea”. It can be stated that the purpose of the film to show the real events not from the point of view documentary, but through the prism of the worldview of ordinary people, the young and promising who have feelings of love, but share the political situation and public views.

According to the Director himself, the film is in any case does not justify or accuse any of the parties, but allows viewers to give their own assessment of events and facts — has long been known and demonstrated for the first time in the true story.

New review: the Crimea 01.10.2017

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