New review: the Crimea 01.10.2017

Simple and a little clumsy, but very sincere film. To be honest, a little weak in places, but clearly not deserving of such Trusovo low rating.

Propaganda! — you’ll cry. Well, what of it? It is quite worldly, all this thing is slowly working, the Pentagon so long ago in the open with Hollywood Directors cooperating by providing them with brave “postorogenic” Marines and brilliant pilots aces, and also very brave sailors. And as shown in the film Pimanova event is, for example, one very biased Ukrainian TV series with Gorbunov. In General, in itself, propaganda is neither bad nor good. “Well, that’s fine” — as the hero Mashkov in one rather amusing domestic Thriller.

Now about politics. I would not want her to touch, but in any case, everyone has their beliefs and a priori will still be subjective to one degree or another. In General, the main advantage is that the events shown in their chronological sequence — the massacre on the Maidan, the attack on the bus, collecting a civil militias of the Crimean people, the arrival of our “polite people”. Shows all of these episodes then the hot spring of the year 2014 very well. More precisely, it is shown in broad strokes the most important nodal points.

Now about the main characters. Eugene snow — such a beautiful Garni maiden. With character. To require such beauty great acting optional. But she has such big eyes! Roman Curtin — strong quick lad. A former marine. About say “simple as a penny”. But its will not betray and will not deceive. That guy that girl — ordinary average types. Figurines for the game do not deserve total catcalls too. Spiteful can remember “walking advertising” from one of the fantastic Thriller of a novel. It is very good that the guy with the maiden have their own beliefs and do not want to bend to each other. Still very pleased with the beautiful views of the Crimean Peninsula. It is an ancient land filled with history… Then, I remind you that before us, besides from a political melodrama, and even the military-Patriotic action. Remember, the patriotism is good. “Smoke of the Fatherland” ancient Greeks sang. And those of our former “strategic partners” your flag and my country are usually very fond of. Well, all this lyrics. About the army. Little! Not only was the fleet (Yes, they are not soldiers — but they are ours), a little of the air force, one special forces led by pleased. Albeit schematically — but I came, I saw, I conquered. And saved the world from another war that is not pleased with our brotherly (no matter what) peoples, but only add a very distant “partners.” In General, this is a military Thriller. And he is not always worthy of the “Oscar”. Or is there a “Golden George”. Roughly speaking, this is the normal passing standard military Thriller with a dash of political Thriller and melodrama. In the spirit of “forced March”, TV series “Spetsnaz” and “Sea devils”. Special thanks for the same Boris Shcherbakov.

Now the criticism. A film about the return of the Crimea could shoot better. And that too budget came out. Military equipment is small, almost all the characters sketchy. However, I do not say that here almost all are divided on the basis of “friend or foe”, it is normal for a military history Thriller. Bad that all too sketchy. Further, those same forces. What and how — it was all too fast. But — and this is important! — the army even so showed. That it is. That there is such a profession — to defend the Motherland.

Overall — good movie. Especially against the background of, say, “code of the Apocalypse”, “22 min”, “Ulanskaya ballad” and “folk” (sorry, Lord) comedies. In the spirit of our massive hits “about the Caucasus”.

In General, once on the big screen you can see. Well, why not.

6 out of 10

New review: the Crimea 01.10.2017

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