New review: the Crimea 01.10.2017

Crimea. In 2014, all with a sinking heart waited. Waiting for the end of terror, death and certainty. Fragmentary news from the participants of the events — phone calls, random photos and articles on the Internet. Even those who were far from the epicenter of events, a chill ran down the back when watching the news. And when the first trailer of the film “Crimea” I had sverbyaschee from somewhere in the depths the desire of this film to live.

A couple of hours before going to the cinema, I looked at reviews and was taken aback. From rating, from the sharpness of the estimates. However, I decided to form my own opinions.

From the first frame, the film was scoffed at by the clumsy dialogue and stupid barracks humor. Periodic losing the thread of the narrative, snatching event pieces out of nowhere and he flips them into oblivion puzzling first half of the film. Then get used to such tumbles and stop paying attention.

As a person who deliberately fenced off from politics and dividing our-not ours, I can’t appreciate the propaganda the background of this picture — people everywhere are flesh and blood made of and they die equally, despite religion or political views. So for me it’s a film about people. Those who, standing on opposite sides of the fence, wants one — clear sky, simple bread that will have his family and live. To live simply.

The film is not about Romeo and Juliet of our day, and not even about the war — all this is terribly shown in the film. If the Director wanted the viewer to hit these shots, to spit in the face and grind.

A film about people. All those who are dubbed “the actor” — this is the main characters of this picture. That old woman in the square threw Allen on the shoulders of the plaid, and the girl near the bus rushed to the beloved through the crowd, armed with sticks… Officer of the Berkut on the Maidan and the train driver, who arrived at the station full of heavily armed people…

The film is about the officers. Those people who know how fragile life is and how easy it is to take. Military officers of the former are not. It’s like a scar on a very visible place — always with you. About honor and dignity now say with a grin and ehidtsey voice. Pimanov is trying to show us as a whole and wise men in uniform.

As for the main cast, the simplicity and clumsiness of the characters straight at times hurts my eyes.

Sanka — a simple guy, very solid, down-to-earth. Its Board, ready to go to the end. Roman Curtin clicks a similar role as the seeds and the type and style of delivery meet. Only here sometimes look gives too much depth in it for such.

Alena or, as it is called Sanka, Alex — the girl with the claim. Journalist. Rebel, ready for anything, just to show that she did not finger making. Awkward, rambling. But it is not internal throwing, and showing off. It’s always one against all. Even against themselves. Eugene snow has me stumped — so she can’t play? Amateur level theatre village Samuraichi (forgive me, the residents of this village, if it exists), or so thin it trolls the audience that we fell for that?

One of the advantages I want to mention the soundtrack performed by Nargiz — he played on the background of breathtaking views of the Crimea, taken from a bird’s flight left a little sad aftertaste, which prompted me to write a review.

In the closing credits sounded a poem “With favourite do not leave…” — grandma, who was sitting near me, whispered words of this piece and gently wiped the tears.

In summary, I want to say that impressions from the film strange — he’s not captured, but doesn’t let go.

With all the straightforwardness and certainty which leave no room for speculation, I can’t shake the feeling that there is a second floor, which I can’t find it. Please don’t let it just pass, dubbed “the Crimea” once-through domestic film, which can be viewed online within six months and forget it, never seeing the last frames.

New review: the Crimea 01.10.2017

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