New review: the Crimea 01.10.2017

The events of the Crimean Spring is very close to me, which is why eagerly waiting for the premiere. Waiting for the film that this atmosphere. Warmth, humanity and sincere feelings.

Movies are different, are documentaries in which attention focused on the historical events, in this case, everything a little bit differently. The emphasis shifted, and rightly so, in our time is a bit short of true devotion. Against the background of historical events I always like to watch one particular human life. And it is always interesting. And then the fate of the characters became so close and dear, from the first minute I empathized with the characters, try on, as I would, getting into such a situation.

Time when history is written, may not cause indifference, so the film can either like it or you don’t. The third is not given. I really liked the movie, because there is not only love and devotion, but the basic idea that lies behind the whole film. The important thing is that we are all human and live on earth, not for war, but for the sake of life and love. The rest did not really matter. And thanks to the Director and the entire team that helped people more time to rethink the events of that terrible and lovely spring.

New review: the Crimea 01.10.2017

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