New review: the Crimea 01.10.2017

One of the best movies I’ve ever seen. This film is distinct as the occupants of the cities of the Crimea. As well as their joy and fear reaction to a sudden situation. The General theme of the film is very interesting, couldn’t even think that will make a film about the situation in Crimea. Watched the film with great interest and understanding.

The movie was about love in the time of the situation in Crimea. There are well-marked political events. And the acting deserves special praise. Of course in the picture there are some small cons. But it’s not a documentary. A film which shows how all experienced people, not some political facts.

I think the picture is worthy of praise, and ever watch it again. A good genre film in the Russian style of love and tragedy, well, Thriller. However I would not say that she is the best in this genre.

New review: the Crimea 01.10.2017

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