New review: the Crimea 02.10.2017

Ukrainian theme never left me indifferent, what happened to the brotherly country — the tragedy that claimed so many innocent lives, destroyed so many lives, family, love and friendships. In me flows and Russian and Ukrainian blood, and to see how people rush to their own people — very painful.

The film “Crimea” I was looking forward to, what someone decided to tell this story with a big screen, was a bold and very correct idea. And this is to say thank you. As for not Fielding one country good and the other bad. The film shows that people on both sides are very different. There are those who cannot comply with the order to shoot to your brotherly people, and there are those who went astray on the basis of “freedom” and ready to throw out the aggression on anyone who came to hand. There are those who are willing to defend their Homeland at any cost, and there are those who want to “make history” by forgetting about humanity, morality and their “having the wrong vision!” I liked the idea that true love is really capable of much, and the heart is not ready to give up, who are dear, even if you have a fundamentally different point of view on important issues.

Acting I mostly liked it, very professionally done and interesting camera work, well chosen music. Seems to be all right. But. Claims to have. Chief among them: if the audience is not closely followed events in Ukraine, all that happens is the screen will be for him simply changing the frames on the background thoughts of “what’s happening? Why all of a sudden the barricades? Who’s shooting who? Why attack a bus? Where’s the Ukrainians, and where Polite people?” And so on. This is a serious flaw.

And secondly, I didn’t have enough emotion. For this story I need more intensity, more involvement of the audience in the story. I was sorry for the main character, the love I saw only him. The most vivid scenes (with the same eagle) has shown in fits and starts. Although, given the rating, shouldn’t particularly go into details. If you throw a completely unnecessary sex scene, the film can be shown and children from 12 years. Not enough scenes in which Crimeans to meet friendly people and thank them for not made of the second Donbass. Not enough of a referendum after which Crimea became part of Russia. Without these frames the invasion of our didn’t look like a rescue operation. Ukrainian soldiers looked confused, like, we’ve got a coup, and then some more Russian, what are they doing here at all, they are just using here?

The final was sudden, but in General it is quite logical. Very good idea with the recording of real conversations between relatives living on different sides in the credits.

7 out of 10

New review: the Crimea 02.10.2017

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