New review: the Crimea 02.10.2017

Haters by inertia continue to mutter in the film, as he grunted in time for the referendum.

Calm down comrades. All right. Of course, no one has no right to impose your taste different, but to sin against elementary logic is also a thankless task. The events of the Crimean spring, and this picture is a sample and the embodiment of life force and striving for the best. Well it is clear that the characters in the film, their relationship, their feeling is nothing like the personification of spiritual ascent experienced the Crimea at the time.

Personally, I liked the acting though, because they managed to combine strength, the will to fight and rebelliousness of the “higher” forces, with subtlety, depth and tenderness of youth. Who does not like young people can assess what is happening around fresh, not hackneyed look? We grew up in another world, other realities and other values. And it’s not bad, should just accept and realize that each generation differs from the previous one.

But some of the motives, feelings and aspirations are simply eternal. Love is as ancient and ubiquitous phenomenon as the desire to live freely, without regard to the “sins of the fathers.” The film reveals large events, presenting them through the eyes of young people. The technique is not new, but nevertheless entertaining. Because creates several levels of experience of the viewer. Excitement for the character — to fear of the world around them. And I am very pleased that one of the main intrigues known to all of us in advance…

New review: the Crimea 02.10.2017

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