New review: the Crimea 02.10.2017

I believe that a good story be it a book or a movie needs to evoke strong emotions, make you feel brighter and better. And not necessarily that all the senses of the beholder were positive. Especially if we are talking about artistic perspective on real, recent events. Real life is quite similar to the parquet, sugary sketches-grossing cinema.

Here I saw a really good picture. A little reminded of classic French literature — told us about the events happening to ordinary people during a truly historic event that we looked history while enjoying a story. The fate of the units together constitute the destiny of the people. It would not have tried to denigrate the simple and understandable desire of the Crimean population, all sensible clear — then it was the best possible solution. I’m not even talking about the fact that recovered banal justice. I’m not on the claims of any state on the land, I about the decision of the people themselves. Let when they are unable to prevent the separation from Russia, but now took the opportunity to return.

Plus quite vivid and rich narration about the thoughts of an ordinary man, but the background of another change in the political course. Artistic movie, but on the topic of the day, aptly and accurately reflects reality.

New review: the Crimea 02.10.2017

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