New review: the Crimea 02.10.2017

It is not surprising that the film, as the theme itself, causes such a variety of experiences and opinions among different people.

I’m not sure that even makes sense to give a moral evaluation of historical events. Anyway there are changes, and sometimes, as in this case, everything new is just well forgotten old. It is not necessary to look at the situation thinking solely about geopolitics, because the fate of Nations sometimes decide people. Not politicians, not heads of state, although without them it does not pass anything.

In the Crimea was something that is so rarely seen in the modern world — the unity of people, United by a common idea. They rallied in the face of danger and almost self-corrected the past mistakes of the old leaders. And even with the assistance of the powers that be… This does not detract from the purity and sincerity of the common man, worried about his small Home, his countrymen, his family finally.

The film is not a brochure, to throw off the plane of the aggressor, as he is trying to represent dissatisfied. The picture clearly articulates what was on the tongue and in the heart of the absolute majority of Crimean residents at the time. And now, I’m sure not much has changed. Temper problems. Sometimes — whole Nations.

And often should just step back from the sensational events of today, what would be like to immerse yourself in the vibrant, living history prepared by a talented Director and embodied at the proper level.

New review: the Crimea 02.10.2017

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