New review: the Crimea 02.10.2017

This is the case when a is messed up. I remember I took the exam on the theory of journalism as the subject. Then came the movie “the DaVinci Code”, which is similarly plastered on every post, “due”, the expectation was higher than the reality. Still should be in moderation, would be better if more money was invested in the film itself.

“Crimea” should not be taken as a documentary movie, it is art. And art means, first and foremost, someone else’s opinion, someone else’s opinion. Here is the opinion of a man who was not directly involved in the events of “Crimean spring”. And this opinion can be subjective and even erroneous.

The movie itself is not bad, if you watch it not through the eyes of the Crimeans. A lot of symbolism, but without the details and clarification of the essence, purposes. Many beautiful species, though could be better. A lot of speculation. Something thought, something exaggerated, something altogether removed from sight. Not perfect, but quite good acting. The story, in my opinion, about the struggle between love and patriotism. It is unclear why to push these concepts, but that is what it is. Strange ending. I have the feeling that the Director was in a hurry to shoot the film, so the “crossing Europe” ran through the main events and all.

Despite some flaws, the film did not cause the desire to turn it off, some kind of protest and indignation. Two moments had me tearing up. Overall liked it, but you could make it much better.

New review: the Crimea 02.10.2017

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