New review: the Crimea 02.10.2017

“During the troubles you need to be a person, not a citizen.” This is not an exact quote (don’t remember which figure), you can use either a ruler or stencil — when you assess the actions of certain characters in this film. My personal opinion: someone managed to remain human. But, many were citizens. About this movie.

Better domestic movie — the more trying to him to fight those who do not like that our country, like a Phoenix starts to rise from the ashes. And the residents beginning to return lost since the collapse of the previous country’s self-esteem. Although, of course, not too fast pace. But the dynamics there. And, then, dissatisfied with it are all truths and untruths to deal with this dynamics. You, dear potential audience, will impose the idea that, say, a completely independent people with Russian names and experience of the critics already saw the movie. They will save your precious time and money (going to the movies). Saying that the film does anything worthwhile.

These independent critics forget to mention such “unimportant moments”:

1. Support of law enforcement agencies is different. For example, the granting of an opportunity to show real military equipment, the real equipment of the security forces. And so, as they his perform — clear from the reports about Syria. Where they are not in words, but in reality participate in the fight against extremism.

2. The play was entered in the role. Very cool they are going to play the role of a drunkard, which actually turned out to be not so simple an alcoholic. “Drunk” for me personally, was at the level of characters Nikulin in Soviet films. The game is the main character, who plays even the eyes, even when nothing says.

3. Thanks, transferred the film to all people without exception (regardless of nationality) whose actions prevented the bloodshed from different sides of the conflict.

4. Qualitatively shown the love line. Where the two halves so happy that sometimes behave like children. That is absolutely not talking about the lack of characters. Why are they acting like children? Maybe because you don’t know how to play big love. Maybe because people live life to the fullest. And not only fixated on the material things of our world.

5. Moderate presence of sex scenes, which lately became a trend to push over and without in any movies. The reasons for trends offer the inquiring mind to find yourself. For I, unlike the army of “independent critics”, I’m not going to save time for you, the potential viewer. Because, I will not for you to decide what’s wasted time and what is useful.

And finally some more food for thought. When I was at uni, everything on the test came from the student. I was no exception. But, unlike the others, I’m writing off, comparing the answers with his opinion. Unless, of course, my opinion existed (because not all the questions I knew the answers). In one response, I strongly questioned and interrogated with predilection to all who responded as well as excellence. A convincing answer from anyone is not achieved. Only: “well, he’s a diploma!”. Summary: I got 4, excellent — 5… this summary of the “independent critics” to be told. “Forgetting” such “irrelevant fact”: in the area of dispute I’m the only one from the whole group answered correctly. What I the story? In addition: despite the negative overall assessment from the Internet, I went to see this movie. Allowing yourself to decide what is this picture. And I do not regret it!

You, dear reader, have every right to disagree with me. But, let it be your personal opinion after watching the movie. Not opinion based on opinion “forgetful of independent experts”.

New review: the Crimea 02.10.2017

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