New review: the Crimea 02.10.2017

Before you go directly to reviews of the film, I would like to make a little insert for large-scale events (be they real or fictional) and their film adaptations. My personal opinion is that such adaptation needs to be big, and the events to be the main part of the story, not the background. Just explain the examples. The recent “Viking” — a film about the events which are worthy of the epic level of “Liberation” or the series “Rome”, a smaller format simply does not grasp. And when I watched what happened, not the feeling that watching a rural showdown. This small insert is made for greater disclosure of my opinion on movies in which there are large-scale events, and now directly to “Crimea.”

The film is marketed as a screening of the recent developments on the return of the Crimea to Russia. The event is very big and very important, to some extent, changed the situation in the world. And such an event that would normally be filled requires the adaptation of the scale Lord of the rings, or at least the level of “Troy”. In General that would not stretch this part, just go straight to the conclusion — in the film, the creators were not able to fully cover all events in the format of a ninety-minute film that was extremely difficult.

Then we might have a reasonable question — why is the review positive? Just in my opinion the film should appreciate this for what it is, not in relation to what it would have to be. And then you can go directly to the film, without any preliminaries. But the film is not bad. It looks easy, in despair not drives, events saturated. In General, if you discard all the hype surrounding the film, and the scene from the Crimea to replace any other, the film most people would admit is quite watchable. However, this story still automatically gives the film and fame, and high expectations, and a lot of opponents/supporters of political views, and behind all this the film itself is lost.

The film genre is Thriller, but it is not a typical Thriller where the protagonist is military/police/thug who runs ahead of everyone. This role in the film soon takes a secondary character — commando. And the main character –

the civilian, who seems involved in all the events of the movie, but hits all of them by accident. So in that sense the film is closer to “war of the worlds” in 2005 than the aforementioned fighters.

As for the actors — here, too, it is difficult to come to an objective assessment. Yes, on the one hand lacks the character some charisma, activity recognition even. But at the same time and the characters are ordinary people, and such are shown. And so the actors played them. Because the same novel Curtin to create memorable, vivid images can and already did. Again, I repeat — the film is despondent not drives, the story is cheerful, so this claim is invalid. But the fact that the enemy in the story the main character Mykola, well, the episode where his assistant Bogdan was some dim — then claim the objective in my opinion, no memorable phrases, no emotion, no composure. And it is after all a character whose actions it expects to wage war. Well, and in addition the main characters are beautiful and watching them is really nice.

A few words about the plot. He rolls us on the history of the main characters and we get to some of the events took place in Crimea in those days. The plot is generally straightforward, but not dull, quite watchable and interesting. Although small mistakes are.

Now to the visual part. In General, filmed several Crimean landscapes, beautiful course. But the emphasis on this, only the scene at the beginning and end of the film. Although there are species there that it would be possible to show, but Oh well. Otherwise nice shot, but what is visually outstanding scenes there, of course you can mark the point of aircraft disembarkation, the time of the assault commandos. Well done but have seen in other films more than once.

To say about music to be honest and say nothing. In addition to the songs from the trailer and music time with the piano and remember nothing.

In the overall result. The most important movie for me to watch you and look with interest, and movies that look. But don’t have enough scale, of course the events in the Crimea there is somewhat higher than the background, but not fully disclosed. Everything else is secondary.

7 out of 10 for that shot still wonder, despite all the disadvantages

New review: the Crimea 02.10.2017

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