New review: the Crimea 02.10.2017

Oh, that’s just do not about propaganda. For some reason, when every self-respecting action movie, the main villain certainly Russian or Serbian (depending on the current political situation) is normal when the blue eye shoot a film about heroic American boys who are actively riding on the Donbass evil Russian separatists is all fine and well, just never propaganda, and the interpretation of the historical moment, and when our film takes something besides “Christmas Tree 2” is from the horror, the horror. That’s just by definition. Meanwhile, such films are clearly needed, because as time passes, shots chronicle, which recently spun from morning to night already slowly forgotten, is growing (now, but five years have not passed) the generation under age her and are not seen as opponents any propaganda churned out films actively “on”, which very schematically shows the events, but from the first frame it is clear who is good and who is quite the opposite.

And, if there is an alternative, where, as in Crimea, clearly shows the chronology of major events, the events themselves, relationships of people, with different beliefs, that is why, I think, the main characters and are politically on different sides of the barricades, the real, the great scale of your event, will be gradually superseded by the crap that will be removed very far from the propaganda people, and crap this is, of course, without any political agenda, get a couple of Oscars, but because the creators will not be particularly bother with the factual account, it may be even more spectacular and more dramatic (not Ljubo-do not listen and do not bother to lie), and sooner or later will begin to be perceived as an indisputable truth.

Personally, I have to “Crimea” one claim — an attempt to make the film in line with Hollywood canons, that is right as large to the love story with the inevitable erotic scene and other attributes. And so I saw the movie with pleasure. And once again seek, with the child, when older, will certainly reconsider. And then we read the reviews aestheticism “critics”, which in his attempts at irony are periodically lose not only all sense of proportion and a sense of humor, making the review of the film in an uncontrolled, but the evil stream of consciousness, we laugh, and again “Crimea” revise

New review: the Crimea 02.10.2017

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