New review: the Crimea 02.10.2017

Good movie, but quite neutral from the point of view of emotions while watching. Not enough tragic love stories. However, the film is not bad.

There is a feeling that someone and tries to artificially reduce screaming about malicious propaganda. Not because it’s there or it’s not there, but just because people don’t want to even try to see what it really is. Simply impose clichés and rested in this his thought.

There is an attempt to make a film about politics, but separately from the policy. But this attempt failed. Didn’t get to shoot about the problem of two people in love, involved in the conflict the warring parties, especially when taken with the money of one of these parties. But it’s not “hard propaganda”, it’s “I’m a painter, I see.”

I wanted and expected more “strain”. But really, this story believe. Sincerely believe. Maybe someone in Russia and Ukraine the conflict has passed in a different way(for him personally). But the story described in the movie plot, it could be real, maybe.

And now apart from politics:

1. The story about the attempted bombing of Russian ships seemed a bit Creasy though, everything seems clear, but like a little extra cut in it for mounting, or a little more than I want her to leave, or be removed altogether.

2. Filmed beautifully enough, and truthfully, without “wow”-effects, but soundly

3. Sex scene in the movie seems superfluous. That’s all the same, only generally without the bare preterano. Like they put her only in the fact that in the movies about love should be a sex scene. Why? The viewer to understand that they have had sex? It is not necessary to show it so obviously… missed it somehow…

4. Loved the fight at the end. We are so PR wykle to the classic fights in cinema that they even do not believe. And here I believed that painful, suffocating, and what can die (though the main character). Direct entered the scene, well done.

New review: the Crimea 02.10.2017

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