New review: the Crimea 03.10.2017

In the announcement for the film the story is told as a tragic love of a boy and a girl who are on different sides of the events of “Crimean spring” 2014: he’s a former marine from Sebastopol, it — Director from Kiev. Before viewing I was surprised that the Director is Alexey Pimanov. Somehow I could not believe that the presenter of the legal show “Man and law” on the First channel filmed a love story.

Director Pimenova 10 out of 10. Excellent photography with a flying camera, these views are breathtaking: Mangup-Kale, Balaklava, Sevastopol, mountains, the sea… Nature of Crimea is above all praise, in these pictures you can watch endlessly. Very strong shooting, which involved military equipment. When you fly military helicopters is landing “polite people” and armored personnel carriers from the large landing ship and the capture gallery in Balaclava. In these moments, for the Russian army not only not ashamed, in these moments, bursting with pride for our boys. A feast for the eyes, not men!

But the game is the main characters, which the plot of love, causes no worries for the fate of their relationship with each other. Alena like and dislikes (it can be so conceived?!), Sasha is much more convincing, but in General, their love is not believable. Perhaps this is due to the fact that other events emotionally block the love story. But the work of the main characters outside of their relationship I liked. A game of secondary characters, and especially the game the crowd is just a flurry of emotions.

The events of “Crimean spring” transferred so scared until now, for what could there to be landed there, “polite people”. This is the strong point of the film. All events take my soul, cause fear, terror, misunderstanding and sometimes resentment.

The film is sorely lacking the music, too much silence. And I want to add beautiful songs to footage from the nature and disturbing music on real events. Otherwise, the song Nargis “You are my tenderness” will save the situation.

My opinion. “Crimea” can not be called a movie about love (the announcement brought havoc in the minds). For my taste, this is a chronicle of events “Crimean spring”. The film is shot very qualitatively and beautifully. If you call me again, definitely go. The film put 7 out of 10.

Should I go? If you are waiting for the beautiful love drama, then you will be disappointed, because the love there is virtually none. There is a tension that gives the viewer to understand what would happen to Crimea and Sevastopol, if I had not come “polite people” and does not provide security. If you followed the events in Kiev and Odessa, froze in horror from the events in Luhansk and Donetsk regions, then this film will chill you. If you don’t follow the news, you should not waste time. The film is more about the story than about love. After a while, will look at it again, only this time at home.

New review: the Crimea 03.10.2017

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