New review: the Crimea 04.10.2017

The film differs significantly from the trailer. The story takes place during the period “February-March 2014”. The action takes place before the accession of Russia, and covers some of the known events: Euromaidan, buses at Korsun, “friendship train” (which we somehow in the media was not mentioned) and transfer of Russian troops to the Peninsula. Pimanov somewhere, however, exaggerate and clocked up an additional unnecessary drama.

Yes, I understand that the film, created with the support of the Ministry of defense does not have to show us that we were all very smooth. But, damn, to put the Ukrainians in the film. They have one: born under the yellow-blue flag — so thug! Even the main character is a supporter of the Maidan and on this background is constantly in conflict with her boyfriend. And there were still events that had not taken place in the Crimea. I’m talking about the story of the capture of a military base in Crimea, Ukrainians and disarming a terrorist group in Balaklava. You can remember these events? I don’t. I also do not like the fact that sometimes the Studio does not shy away from open propaganda. Lead scene: Alain (main character) said that in the Crimea, her team is making a film about Ancient Ukraine. Sasha (the main character) asks ironically: “In the Crimea?”. Five minutes of the film had passed and I already had a face-palm!

Let’s talk about the main characters and their conflict. Pimanov said that their story is like the story of Romeo and Juliet, but I disagree. He — Sevastopol man, a patriot and hates the Maidan for the fact that there his friends were killed. She is a supporter of the Maidan and hates those who go against their case. But between them somehow still manages to remain love. They met before the events of the Euromaidan, and then the whole movie quarrel, make peace, kiss, sexhourse… does it Happen in real life? NO! And it’s not that I don’t believe in such “love jump”. I don’t believe in in principle, but if people are so scandalous, is the first sign that we need each other to send three letters and forget. And they still love each other.

One of the advantages of the film I want to mention action, a reminder of the period and beautiful views of the native Peninsula to which the film, thank God, is irrelevant. And there is an open ending, so the ending is unclear and gives room for the imagination.

Writing this review-a review after the theater and don’t understand why, but after watching I came to the lady’s Apathy. All the way from cinema to home I passed without emotion, and now writing the review, I feel like she’s letting me go. “Crimea” is not a movie, but it is possible to look and then forget. If you have a favorite person, then you can look together. Movie rating: 7/10, and now I will wait for “Matilda”.

New review: the Crimea 04.10.2017

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