New review: the Crimea 05.10.2017

Immediately start with the fact that the film I liked, and he clearly deserves higher rating of 2.4 on IMDb, but the rating in the 5-6 points he falls short with difficulty.

Contrary to many people’s expectations, the film was not much outreach. Was shown the real events, sometimes quite a bit embellished. And feels more like the fact that the Director just decided to leave due to the very resonant theme, not the “order of the Kremlin”. The actors played well and it is very noticeable mistakes was not(so it is unlikely BadComedian do a review on this film).

But the main question remains unanswered: what movie?

About love? I don’t think so. The very love story is not really revealed. After quite a ridiculous as the situation and the dialogues of the travelers, we show how the characters walk, and then they love each other. So we just need to believe that they are each other very strongly (or not strongly? this issue does not play) like. But only at such statement of things is unable to empathize with the heroes, as it would be difficult to have feelings for the man you were ordered to fall in love.

About politics? Also unlikely. As I mentioned, the film is not overly political, and all the talk about the politics and disputes of a girl with a family the main character look too unnatural and absurd, and not put at the head of the plot.

Perhaps the film is simply a Thriller based on the story about the annexation of Crimea? Here it is closer. Most of all he looks like a standard detective/action movie, woven into the reconstruction of the events of the Crimea. And as action movie it is not bad in principle, but this is only the second half of the film, and that pretty nieprawdopodobne.

What is the result? As for me, it’s a good film with the reconstruction of the events of 2013-2014 with a simple woven story. It can be shown to future generations(those who can never finish a documentary), with the only caveat that it is rather a film for teenagers who will not notice all those defects of which below.

Yes, in the end, it is a reconstruction, but the reconstruction only the most famous of several events. I had expected to consider in detail the operation of the Russian army for control over the Peninsula (though not entirely reliable, although I think a lot can be found from public sources), but in the end, this point was also crumpled.

And flaws are evident: Where it did not have the money and mastabest, the scene with the independence example looks very tiny. The script and dialogues in many places leave much to be desired (the Dating scene, the scene of the conversation with the parents, in General, all scenes where there is a need to qualitatively study the dialogues). Well, the operator sometimes disappointing, I think even a Quad for 100 thousand roubles will remove the view from the bird’s eye view is better and the ride along the serpentine’t look too impressive.

5 out of 10

I guess I can try and address the shortcomings as directing, and the work of writers, but that do not have enough money, or experience, or desire, but sorry.

New review: the Crimea 05.10.2017

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