New review: the Crimea 10.10.2017

Don’t even know what to call it… “the Crimea”, obviously, nothing to do with concepts as: “film”, “cinema”, has not. What is it? And it’s just a public procurement and this is evident from the first minute of this creation. So how to write the bad words according to the rules of the site can not, then I’ll be diligent to avoid these above-mentioned words.

This bad picture is all. From ideas to implementation. Acting at the level of the morning in kindergarten and the kids are trying to play, but because of their age, not everyone can do and feel. Dialogues, a feeling that all was not prescribed, and composing on the go. So why to think over the script, idea, motivation, promise, when you know that the final result (if you can call it that) pulled across, the wind and everything will be in the best traditions of Russian cinema.

That will definitely see “it”, I decided immediately after seeing the trailer. Not because I’m “Jingo”, but because I got curious, what sort of propaganda we are fed. And this miscarriage has disappointed me twice. I was hoping to see the pompous heroes, running to the guns of the people, large-scale battle scenes and, of course, cries in the style of “our Crimea” and “This is our Land”. But I saw a boring, tedious and a stretching routine. For all the tape nothing happens. He wanted to show the creators? Can show difficult political situation in Ukraine? Probably Yes, but it did not. Just a bunch of obscure personalities are nonsense and it all boils down to a single thought “the Russians are well done, and Bendera with ukry — savages.”

Maybe this creation is the idea of lovers on the background of the war? Yes, the idea was as follows. But all successfully lost. Love line or as not developing, and the relationship he had a vague doubt that it is false. There are, of course, contrived a conflict of interest and he is reduced to a single thought about good and bad. To empathize with a couple from different sides of the fence I well or does not like. No matter how hard the writers, but if the actors play without any emotion, flow, charisma, and the audience will sit there with a straight face and think what is happening here.

Maybe wanted to show the scale of the political events not only in Ukraine but in the world? Possible! And again by. In the movie at all everything is so crumpled, squashed and manipulated that it seemed to me that I see a free interpretation of news “the First channel”.

It’s hard to write anything about “the Crimea”, as I just can’t understand how you can do this to remove? Motivation of public procurement clear and simple, but do not at least just try to do something. Even if we take the example of the miracle of propaganda, namely the Georgian-amerikanskie creation “5 days in August” and compare it with “Crimea”, the latter to do any pulls. “5 days in August” are interesting to watch, in spite of the folly and absurdity.

Also I confess that I watched “it” at home online. I, personally, am sorry to give money for such custom movies. We strongly recommend to watch this type of propaganda and especially going to the cinema. Why pay for something that does not represent any value? And let them write articles about the fact that “Crimea” has overtaken in the film “It”, or “Kingsman” and that in Sevastopol received a standing ovation and applause that neither subside, anyway, this picture wouldn’t call it a film.

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New review: the Crimea 10.10.2017

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