New review: the Crimea 28.09.2017

Unfortunately Russia’s history contains many wars and conflicts, who filmed countless films and TV series. Some of them look and genuinely feel for what is happening, rejoice and cry watching the wins and losses. While watching I want heart and soul to be in what is happening and to help however I can… But there is another way: watch the movie and feel nothing. Alas, for me “Crimea” refers to the second type.

The main drawback is the way the authors showed the war. Ukrainians are bad and Russians are good. Why? And because those killed, and those they are opposed. That’s all! Where is the explanation of the position of the Ukrainian side? What they kill? To aspire to? I have not seen the motivation and the reasons for the confrontation in the film…

With the exception of the main character, the cast is great. Eugene Lapovo the first time I see on the screen. Alena, in her performance, turned emotionless, nothing in her eyes… in Addition to this, the heroine still strangeness in the behavior observed. In principle, it is clear that she can’t decide whose side to be, but you can show it neatly(there is no fault of the actress).

The plot of the picture is far from perfect. I wanted to show the love and war, but in the end not fully revealed nor-th-th… the two topics are not disclosed. The end, incidentally, is also surprised. Don’t know, maybe there is a part of the movie after the credits… it All somehow came to an abrupt end. When they began to turn on the light in the hall and swam to the list of people related to the film, the question arose “is that all?”.

And another important point-the quality of the picture. Sometimes one had the feeling that coming to the cinema I see someone already caught on camera film. Image is periodically shaking, the picture is not always accurate.

Summing up I can say that this film can later watch at home, it is not worth the money that theaters charge for a ticket… You will not see excellent quality pictures, not enrich their knowledge about this conflict. Just watch the film not the best quality…

New review: the Crimea 28.09.2017

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