New review: the Crimea 29.09.2017

I have to say, I initially didn’t expect from the film is any good. Rather, I believed that the film would be below average. But what I saw exceeded all my expectations. Namely:

The plot: the plot revolves around is a love in the time of war in Ukraine. However, this love can not be revealed, not explained. Yes what there to speak, not a single character in the film is not disclosed. “Who are these people?” “What do they do?” “Why are they doing this?”. The film does not explain us anything. By the way, the straight story don’t expect. Rather, it will resemble the stitching of a video than a movie. We look Kaku love drama, a documentary, a crime film. And all this is not combined among themselves. The ending of the film did not end, did not give any reasoning and in General it is meaningless.

Camera work: camera work is so terrible, I do not understand, kept the operator of the camera to do this? But seriously, disappointing as lifted almost every scene from the movie: hands trembling, some strange approximation of a zoom to the face of the character right during conversations… it’s just unpleasant, sometimes even painful to watch.

Dialogues: the Dialogues are stupid, spelled wrong, somehow as in life, and combined with the bad acting, the viewer simply does not believe in what is happening on the screen.

Acting: the actors are bad. The only noteworthy Boris Shcherbakov, who was in the role of Colonel. The Director wanted to show the real events, I want the audience empathized with the characters, but this is impossible when the actors are mostly overacting.

Summary: we got a worthless, disgusting shot and just stupid movie. If you don’t mind the money, you can go, only to see this misery with my own eyes. Sorry, but on the other this film is not called. From advantages only soundtrack that fits well, but still not memorable.

2 out of 10

New review: the Crimea 29.09.2017

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