New review: the Crimea 30.09.2017

I don’t know why everything is so rushed in this movie…

I once promised that is not going to read more reviews and reviews of the film so as not to spoil the impression and make your own opinion, which I did before watching the movie the Crimea. I to the theater had no idea what this movie is and personally he conquered me, maybe not from the first minute, but the film is watched in one breath.

I myself did not witness the actual events on which the film is based, so there I can not compare, but in my opinion the Director really showed well all of these terrible events. In the cinema, many people even shed tears because it is all very familiar. I’m in Crimea recently, but I think that the inhabitants of the Crimea can fully appreciate this creation.

Panorama of the Crimean nature is a masterpiece. It was great to see familiar places!

After watching the film, I wanted to share, to tell the world about it, transfer all caused by feelings and emotions, I have not so often the movies evoke such feelings and that says a lot. I even more fell in the Crimea, although for the time I’ve lived here I started to forget how Wonderful it is.

About the game actors, in my opinion, a decent job. I personally went to a movie because the main character in the performance of the Novel Kurzyna (I like that actor) and I never regretted that I decided to go to this movie. The actors played so well that it seemed that she’s a scary story right in front of you like you are also a party to these terrible events of the Crimean spring..

The relationship between the protagonist and the heroine represent the situation in the relations between the inhabitants of the Crimea and Ukraine, in fact, a lot of family and friends stopped talking because of the great views. Looking at the main character and could not understand her and even she often caused a kind of hatred or what, but in situations like this, the fault is not so much the people, but in the propaganda of power, so the main character of the film can only regret.

The only thing I was a little unclear ending, it was lubricated or what, expecting a different end, and all the credits looked hoping for a sequel, but no.

But still claims the movie I have. The directing and the acting crew did their job perfectly well and if not watch the movie for a reason, namely to compare with the history, it is simply impossible to imagine that the film may not like. Although the bad reviews I still got the impression that the film will understand only Crimeans, they close.

Thus, the film of Crimea — a very decent movie and worth a watch (personally, I wanted to watch it again). And no need to listen to the opinions of others, you need to make your own.

The film I put 10 out of 10 because this movie touched my heart and I highly anyway for other opinions!

New review: the Crimea 30.09.2017

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