New review: the Curse of Annabelle 18.06.2017

Almost all the authors have such works which may be called “looping”. “The curse Annabelle” — not the best work of this Director. His “Curse” came more intriguing and in places gloomy, and the tape is nothing more than an ordinary movie watchable with an abundance of cliches.

The narrative in the film is very, very viscous. Speakers, there is the word “all”. But the viewer’s attention keeps the hope is that, Yes, there will be something unusual and bright. Doesn’t happen. The whole movie the main character tries to understand what is happening, but she spelled extremely weak, not capable of serious brain activity, lady. In General, attempts by women to cope with the evil is truly incompetent.

Also in the narrative a lot of mistakes. One: after the blackout, a priest of the evil spirit picks up from the sidewalk a doll (it’s like, at all?!). However, how is it possible that if during the Chrono doll, and was the only link between the world of the living and the dead? The evil in an instant became materialnym? Hmm.

The denouement uninteresting and even a bit ridiculous. The feeling that the creators decided abruptly to regret characters.

It’s not a horror movie, and some Preface. Scary because there is nothing entertaining too. Like an introduction before something is truly talented. But, alas. The viewer is invited to use this painting as a separate work. What to do.

4 out of 10

New review: the Curse of Annabelle 18.06.2017

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