New review: the Curse of Annabelle: the Birth of evil 12.08.2017

The first part of “the Curse Annabel” was a rather mediocre spin-off of a much more successful film, the Conjuring. For the whole first part was just a couple of scenes that really were able to force the creeps to run through the body. The rest of the first film boring film focused mainly on the family life of a couple main characters and their child. Alas, “the Origin of evil”, a prequel, should take into account, not a direct continuation of the “Curse”, very far away.

Almost the entire film Director David Sandberg is trying to escalate the atmosphere, gradually turning the story of six girls, the orphans and the nun-teacher in a real horror-Thriller. And really, with the atmosphere of the movie is all right. The film is not coming in a steep wave at the viewer, as it slowly introduces us to the story, giving the full to feel it. However, the impression is that the authors of this movie are a bit overdone. Gradual entry of the viewer into the story, more profound revelation of the characters is, of course, good, but in some moments it is playing a cruel joke. In those moments, when the voltage is high and the film it is time to throw out all that has accumulated, the viewer, to make him pressed into the chair from fear, the degree of intensity drops sharply and the terrible moment we had been waiting for, never happens. Gloomy dark room and the creepy doll once again give way to a Sunny day and the unsuspecting heroines. In the first half of the picture it’s even better, the audience watching the main character, her actions, the house and all its inhabitants, waiting for something mind-blowing. But then, when the viewer realizes that it is unlikely anything will wait, and from his original style of filmmaking will not depart, it becomes a little may be boring. The entire movie is genuinely scary moments only two or three, and they really shot well, but the rest, unfortunately, weak.

In General, the film is not completely terrible. It is atmospheric, creepy, but no more. If you want to watch a really scary horror film, you are not here. Not on “the Curse of Annabelle: the Origin of evil.” Trailer of the movie “Grandma easy virtue” with Alexander Revva scared me much stronger.

Acting on all levels. Especially Miranda Otto was pleased, though the film is not much. I really like this actress.

As a prequel, the film is really good. After viewing “the Birth of evil” is very much that hasn’t been explained in the first part, will become clear. Who is Annabelle and why the devil was possessing it in the doll. If you are interested, you can go to a movie.

The question I really care why no one thought to just burn the damn doll? Not the fact, of course, that it would help, but it was worth a try. But neither the heroes of the first film, nor the characters of the prequel about it not even thought of. Weird.

Overall, Sandberg took a pretty average Thriller with elements of horror. No better, but worse, in my opinion, the previous picture. If you like the first part or the films of James WAN, then the second part should. If you are a regular viewer, and not “the Curse Annabel”, nor “Spell” are not familiar, it is better to pass by this film.

6 out of 10

New review: the Curse of Annabelle: the Birth of evil 12.08.2017

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