New review: the Dark knight: the legend 30.09.2017

It is difficult to say how long I’ve waited when will be the final part of the trilogy of Christopher Nolan, and how many feelings I was overwhelmed with when I was looking forward to viewing this tape.

After the tragic events that occurred at the end of the second part, Bruce Wayne no longer wears the Bat costume, because, first, tainted reputation, and secondly, the need to save the city is no more. Yet on the horizon, or rather, beneath the earth, we see a new threat to Gotham in the face of the villain known as Bane.

Such a disappointment I did not feel for a long time. Whether Nolan in the Wake of the success of the first two parts decided to openly fake it, or have played a negative role any other factor, in any case, I’m smitten. After watching “Batman. The beginning” and “the Dark knight” I was in a mild euphoria from the upcoming viewing of “the Dark knight: the legend”, but, no pretty additions to a well-known star cast and their game is made on the highest level visual effects, neither the presence of the author of the above novels are unable to show me what I expected to see. The third part banal to the level of “Batman. Beginning” does not hold. About the brilliant film “the Dark knight” I even will not speak. Dialogues in the third part at the school level, the strands of the plot are cut off, all crumpled, the characters do not exist at all, in connection with which the interest in the picture wakes up less and less and the frustration grows more and more. When viewing the tape there was a feeling that the Director of the film is Christopher Nolan, and Uwe Boll. Well, could not survive me for the characters, neither for positive nor for negative expected intrigue in the end, I never saw, and a timing pattern with a length of almost three hours, could afford to turn its full cinematic power and entertainment. Instead, he’s with every minute of viewing was caused only by the disappointment from the ruined end of the trilogy. Bane is the main and most difficult enemy Batman, dangerous, and a skilled strategist, a worthy adversary to Batman. However, where their strategic moves and tangling each other through various tricks? Instead, they stupidly go on each other hand to hand and find out the relationship by fisticuffs, with the choreography of their fights leaves much to be desired. You just want to spit and permanently erase from my memory all the memories about this movie. The only positive points that can’t remember, is the sincere play of Michael Caine and worthy of a large-scale visual effects.

Don’t denigrate the bright memories of the first two films, as is to confine them.

4 out of 10

New review: the Dark knight: the legend 30.09.2017

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