New review: the Dark tower 10.10.2017

I’m not a fan of Stephen king! I have not read his books! But, I watched his movies made from his novel or bestseller (no matter!). And these films, such as “the Shining” (1980), “Haze”, “Dolores Claiborne”, “misery”, “It” (version 1990 and 2017), “1408”, “the Shawshank redemption”, etc. — I liked them and they are very interesting, not counting the unsuccessful (like the remake of Carrie). What about the movie “the Dark tower”? Here, it was one of the most anticipated and dolgosrocnyh project has been waiting for “fans of king’s” ordinary viewers. I also personally been waiting for. However, when it became known that the film lasts 95 minutes and rated children’s rating for the film, I realized that the “Dark tower” should not be expected. And here’s the result: 16 % of positive reviews from RT and box office failure in the US — very disappointing. What happened? I’ll tell a few reasons, and, briefly, why the long-awaited “the Dark tower” disappointed all:

– 1) the Script: What script? No! In General, no! Why the authors did not disclose details of the characters? In General, the script is just boring and barely tight, no disclosure of the details of the character and of the “Dark basnu”.

– 2) Dialogs: Apart from the scenario of the plot, the dialogue, in which characters are saying — that was incredible! Themselves listen carefully!

– 3) the cast and acting: Well, but the duel between Matthew McConaughey and Idris Elba. Yes, but in the novel, king Gunslinger Roland was white, and the film is African — American. And king even approved for a Elbe, oddly enough… And about the acting game is weak. And their emotion (it is important to play the role) is almost not noticeable.

– 4) Direction: Why Sony took as if Dane Nicholas Arses? And they hoped for his vision? However, Nicholas — independent Director and should not take it in the Director’s chair. Even removes art houses.

– 5) Music and special effects: Nothing really does. Bad finalized special effects. A music track from Junkie XL — can’t say anything, but not fantastically dynamic.

It’s really sad! Followed 10 years of waiting, and, behold, it was turned into bezobrazy film. Was hoping the guys from Sony (the one that has recently suffered from losses of failed films and Directors), Oscar-winner Akiva Goldsman (Oscar-winning it, but I don’t consider him a talented man) and the producers to turn the film into a franchise? The film flopped at the box office and deserves the negative critics and the audience. I think fans of Stephen king and the audience to watch and review “the Dark tower” is not worth it.

PS. But if you are waiting for a review from BadComedian or blogger Alexander Sokolov (on his YouTube channel — SokoL[off] TV), then it’s worth a look and see.

4 out of 10

New review: the Dark tower 10.10.2017

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