New review: the Dark tower 25.11.2017

The dark tower is the long-awaited film adaptation of the series of books the main book maniac Stephen king. Or to be more precise, the film has become a free interpretation of the novel Arrows, which is the first in the series. The film, like the book is a cocktail of genres. Then you and the mystery, and the horror and postapocalyptic.

From the beginning the film was plagued with failures. The writer sold the movie rights a long time ago, but to the screens the film got just now. By the way he sold them for a symbolic for the Dark tower in the amount of $ 19.19. Initially the film was supposed to put my favorite J. J. Abrams, but then he was replaced by Ron Howard. But he, too, left the project. The role of the Arrow auditioned different actors, including Russell Crowe, Javier Bardem and Liam Neeson. All for various reasons they left, and the main role was taken Idris Elba. Put the picture Arthouse Nikolai Arcel.

His filmography is not full of masterpieces and represented mainly by the film “a Royal affair” and comcheck animated film “Ronal the barbarian”. And he wrote the screenplay for the film by David Fincher “the girl with the dragon tattoo.”

And with the production of the film, no problem. Basically all the critics and the fans of the thunder king tape … small timing! Yes, it is not surprising, because the film is based on a series of thick novels by Steve king. The cycle of the Dark tower includes eight novels, each of which includes at least 500 pages. The king describes their creation as a Magnum opus i.e. the work of a lifetime. Stephen has for decades developed the universe of the Dark tower, locations, characters, their characters, background and story of their complicated relationship. Of course, such a complex crafted world it is impossible to cram into a ninety-minute film. Partly the film is a free adaptation of the first book of the series-Shooter. It by the way I read and that’s it. To explore the world of the tower further I go. Partly I am a fan of the work of the great maniac Stevie king and went to a movie after reading the original. And I never burnt so sickly, when the film was a disjointed mess of different bits and pieces, references and speculation. Okay, now in order.

The plot of the film revolves around a typical new York boy named Jake chambers. He killed father fire, and at night having nightmares about a terrible world, shooters and tower.

Most of the problems falls on the plot and the script, which caused a wave of negative reviews. Turbid broth, cooked up some scraps from a variety of books and comics king is equal, and clear narration and the revelation of the characters on two lines and stupid dialogue pull this film to the bottom of the Romansh trench. Disgusting script and story just killed all the potential and deprived of opportunities to shoot a sequel. Those who are not familiar with this universe to understand well would be very difficult. Then some men in masks, some parallel worlds and magic, telepathy, and vile monsters and so on. The film does not explain who built the tower, as it keeps the balance and how it protects the worlds. Something Evil that wants to break into these worlds. In General, You understand that nothing is unclear. Even before the premiere, there were rumors that a feature film will continue the series where all will be in order. Why didn’t you do well -is unclear. But

Now for the fun. The film is a very strong and professional. Good directing is complemented by gorgeous color correction and the overall dark color scheme. The film is very atmospheric, colorful and well conveys the General mood. The film plunges into the world of the Dark tower and holds the interest.

The film’s budget -60 000 000 bucks, and such sum by Hollywood standards cannot be called large. It follows that in the movie for some special effects and massive action. But what is looks very cool. The battle and the fights look spectacular and delivered fast, and the masterly handling of revolvers and all to watch. Very interesting and epic was the final battle of Walter -the Man in black’s Hand. Also pleased with the scene with the monsters in the abandoned Park. The monster was really creepy and caught up with light suspense.

Now about the characters. The main character, Roland’s Arrow sang my favorite actor -Idris Elba. And played just amazing. His character just flows were emitted toughness, power and pathos. Despite the fact that the original Shooter is white, and when it is created king was inspired by the westerns with Clint Eastwood, Roland Elbe I really liked. Yes Yes Ku-Klux classical the movie do not watch! Matthew McConaughey is also brilliantly played a Man in black. About him and his character can only say one thing: very stylish and mega charismatic. Tom Taylor is also not bad, considering this is his first job.

Also liked the ending. And that’s what she needs to be here.

In General, the Dark tower is a simple, linear game, with cool actors, mocks the original and I liked it.

7 out of 10

PS Stephen king, too, liked the movie.

New review: the Dark tower 25.11.2017

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