New review: the Dark tower 27.09.2017

“The dark tower” was built, that is, prepared and filmed for a long time and big problems — from financing to casting.

The result will be most accurate words: “Nate, just leave me alone!”. It seems that this principle guided the founders while working on a painting: full, sorry, apathy on their part in relation to the whole. Other impressions after viewing the remains.

A screen adaptation of the cult Saga of the cult of the author from the very beginning became the object of attention from the fans of the king, which for a start had to be reserved by angelic patience, because of the fact through which the thorns ran into “the Dark tower” to the big screen, you can shoot a single movie. The project has moved from Studio to Studio, changed Directors, concept productions (feature films, TV format), etc.

Details of the final version of the script the authors before the premiere, especially not shared, but even a couple of common phrases about the plot was enough to be shocking: they decided no more, no less, to continue the cycle of the king, taking individual storylines from “Arrow”! Nothing pleased the creators of the actually the first novel, is entirely cinematic, we can only guess. Yes, move to the big screen this book was not the easiest, but doable task. Inevitable minor flaws and notes in the scenarios in comparison with the literary original fans of the King of horror would probably have forgiven, if I saw and felt in the picture the atmosphere, the characters, the real world of “the Dark tower”.

However, deciding to remove the “cinema for all”, the authors have not succeeded in this. What he saw does not pull not only on a film “based on”, but even as a standalone action movie with strong elements of mysticism and fantasy. Work king here, you can feel the strength of only one or two episodes. “The dark tower” Nicholas Arsala, it seems, is Packed full of all possible patterns and clichés, vigilanceprime history almost to zero and turned “an interesting film for all” is not interesting to anyone.

Accordingly, simplified to the max and characters. Attitude is much more inconsistent shooter and much more complex, multifaceted and mysterious Black man reduced to banal confrontation between good guys and bad guys with “small problems” and claims to greater coolness. They do not feel any energy, no spark, no drive. Yes, and where they come from, when the characters spelled out by the writers so carelessly? A controversial choice for the role of Roland deskana a black actor, which has broken hardly probable not the most large number of copies, the result was the least of my problems. In the film, sincerely sorry, and Matthew McConaughey, and Idris Elba. If the first is still by some miracle managed to Shine in a couple of episodes, the second on such weak material, failed this and that, and wine is the Idris, it’s very small. A few scenes in the film, you can praise young Tom Taylor, who played Jack, although his character was written far better.

I think needless to say that the whole epic, the scale of the apocalyptic and the complexity of the carefully detailed world king “the Dark tower” was doomed, even when given good raw this weak scenario, the crown of which has become absolutely ridiculous, if not stupid finals, in principle, impossible for this cycle.

In the end, the future of the franchise at the moment appeared bleak. If it did manage to raise from complete hopelessness to which immersed the viewer a picture of Arcelia, should immediately stop this “creative Amateur” writers and put them away for the texts of the king as the sole and uncontested basis for scenarios of future movies/TV series on this Saga. Enough experimented, give us a real “Dark tower”!

3 out of 10

New review: the Dark tower 27.09.2017

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