New review: the Day a pig fell into the well 19.06.2017

Original and atmospheric debut film by South Korean Director Hong San-soo, whose script was inspired by a novel by a Korean writer Koo Hyo-seo, as the name is taken from a story by John Cheever — The Day A pig fell into the Well (1954) — “the Day a pig fell into the well”.

In an interview, commenting on the title of the film, the Director said: “I knew nothing about this writer and have not read the story. I only remember the things that intrigues me and totally ignore everything else. In my films I use words, phrases, and situations from everyday life. It was interesting to imagine how someone in the village shouted: “Pig fell in the well!”, as people gather around a pig drowning. Then all returned home, and the well remains hushed, with a pig inside.”

After watching a dozen more recent works, I can’t say that the film became for me an extraordinary surprise, however, is somewhat different aesthetics from the first frame feels unusual minor tonality of the narrative. Such tragedy and nadomesti later in the films of Hong San-soo I haven’t seen.

The film shows episodes from the lives of several persons participating in the General mood of alienation, emotional devastation and inability to prevail over emotions. It is through the recurring theme of personal guilt, the tape shows the hidden connection between alienation and violence, psychological and physical abuse, sex without intimacy, using the other for their own purposes. This is like a metaphorical stray pig from the title, leaves a nagging and painful aftertaste of useless and inevitably evanescent attempts to change anything.

New review: the Day a pig fell into the well 19.06.2017

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