New review: the Dead 05.10.2017

That’s so sad and melancholic turned the care of John Huston at the same time and of life and of cinema, which, in fact, was his entire life. This adaptation of the novel of James Joyce, Irish imbued with national flavour, or rather more colourless spiritual levels of their anonymity and hidden in tonnage backroom conversations hypocrisy.

Gathered for the feast the heroes are out of tune and literally play to the audience its existence. In fact, like most adaptations descriptive-besedni prose, “the Dead” are mostly filmed on camera theatrical staging, where the dialogues of the characters have more weight than those uttering them. Unlike many movies, they not only show a slice of society of the era, but also demonstrates his inner determination, managing to raise issues of public instance order the meaning of life.

Externally of the chamber and the monotonous setting (not dare to call it a full-fledged film) looks like a pleasant accompaniment to the image of the literary circle. She is quite stingy to allocate emotions, absolutely impartial to the notion of drama, it looks pretty easy, though to understand its flow to be more than half of the tape. The heroes are trying to joke, trying to impart life right to the end of the evening thanks to the music, trying to argue with each other, but still more suited to the dead soul. All ages, leaving their usual age, they begin to regret your past, understand that the old days will never replace the future that once and for them life will be a dangling thread no longer belongs to product knitwear.

The final scene of the film expresses all the sadness of this situation and is the last words of the Director. It is difficult to restrain their emotions when viewing it, because it removed the only possible artistic methods — soul. Investing all of yourself to balance in the design of his latest canvas, John Houston was able to go quietly — he left a timid touching message not only about themselves but also about all: people, living and dead.

New review: the Dead 05.10.2017

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