New review: the Dead zone 13.09.2017

Rare film shot in the 80s in America leaves me cold. And if the action still occurs in the winter and in a small town — I love it. It just so happened that all the attributes have with this film.

David Cronenberg — as a Director with his style. In my opinion his biggest strength is creating a unique atmosphere, filled with mystery and anxiety. Half of the atmosphere in the movie makes music. Here the authors have tried: a disturbing and dark music is just horrible fits and complements all that we see on the screen, and the winter scenery quiet town and modest interiors of the apartments makes the film incredibly cozy.

A book I unfortunately not read, but I think she would’ve liked, because the script is very good.

Appreciate movies with 1 bright distinct genre. This is a film nominally having the prefix “fiction”. In the film there are also elements in many Thriller and melodrama and even poetic drama!

Selection of the main actor is very good. Christopher Walken coped brilliantly and in the course of the film looking at his heavy and doomed look said to himself:”it is difficult for someone else to represent him in this role”.

A great movie that should appeal to fans of thrillers of the era of the 80s and fans of Stephen king.

8 out of 10

New review: the Dead zone 13.09.2017

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