New review: the Defenders 16.06.2017

For that year, Sarik Andreasyan tries to prove to anybody. including yourself, what is the Director. Sarik finally grew out of dumb and vulgar comedies. Rose and went over to the field of cinema, where it can exercise its mediocre in epic proportions. We stood for “the Robbery-American” with Brody and Christensen, laughed at “by the Mafia. A game of survival,” he cried over the “Earthquake” (though the cry had not come from the plot twists, but from the scenic and visual blemishes). It’s time to conquer new heights! It’s time to prove to the overseas producers of comics that we here in Russia, you see, can do better! Oh, wait… really can?

Even without a review of Kinologia Bancomedia easily do to understand what that slag. The difference being that review would be at least more fun. The movie itself is presented as a complete failure, and on all fronts. If the beginning of the story still manages to intrigue, then proishodyaschee on the screen turns into dull and stupid burlesque performance with a touch of not-so-impressive computer graphics. Whatever claimed the creators of this opus, a team of Russian superheroes fucking like the familiar team of “Avengers” or “Fantastic four.” If it is not called a pitiful imitation, the world moved.

Already at that time struck by the terribly wooden acting. Andreasyan relies on the visual, for the audience abroad, anything — just not in the script and it steeped. No one really understands what is involved and what emotions needed in a particular scene. No one evokes sympathy or complicity, as much as we tried bold to hint that the superheroes — all right with the past and the audience must love them with all my heart.

The script is coming along at a very predictable, stupid track. Instead more extensively to show the enormity of the unfolding action (not through news, but through competent use of all proschadi), and give the characters an ambiguous features is trivial separation of the “good — bad”, the following happens. Evil guy-bodybuilder captures the Ostankino tower, to pose as a nerd, while his plan we explain literally on fingers through the frail talks with the usage of microchips. Next, the heroine Valerie Kirando, being warlike and seemingly tough boss, with sad eyes listening to the stories about the past of superheroes, of course, have lost any memory or of a loved one, or the logic in all of this obscurantism. Prepare handkerchiefs! Turns out, she’s no badass boss, but an ordinary woman-blonde, posing as who does not understand. So we listen to a monologue for a monologue, again not feeling any sympathy or complicity, because even in flashbacks Andreasyan didn’t bother — let the actors themselves balaboly that want the “big soup”. Between the sad revelations is inserted no less bleak a fantastic battle, because we’re revolutionary superhero movie, don’t forget ay-ay-ay!

All seasoned with a perfect Andreasyan inability to renounce narcissism in favor of the viewer, who feels as if is in the centre of a protracted game of a little boy with a big ego. What kind of global disaster and the people’s salvation is at stake when in danger only the Ostankino tower, the leading news and somewhat gloomy man with supernatural powers, the fate of which we did not touch?

Do we need SUCH a movie, even if it is purely Patriotic, with good intentions captured in the response, the arrogant West? Because there, on the “arrogant West”, where superheroes first became a trend, there is an entire historic block of the formation of the comics, spanning not just years but decades. We’re trying to take the first steps on strictly foreign field, while naively believing that it will get better, even though SAME — not.

No matter what, Andreasyan have the courage and audacity to hint at a sequel — welcome to the scene after the credits! However, at the present time will have something “fun”: have left the comic book “the Defenders,” the game “Protectors” and “Defenders”.

Lord, protect us from the “Protectors”!

2 out of 10

New review: the Defenders 16.06.2017

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